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#LernenVernetzt – Students help teachers and pupils with teaching and learning online

School pedagogy with the focus on teaching and learning research


#LernenVernetzt – Students help teachers and pupils with teaching and learning online

The COVID-19-related school closures meant that some of the pre-service teachers were unable to complete their internships in the schools. In order to provide pre-service teachers with meaningful and competence-promoting substitutes for their school internship and offer support for the schools, teachers and students at the same time, the department of school pedagogy and the Leibniz School Connect project team developed the initiative #LernenVernetzt.

The project focuses on three digital tools: Firstly, an individual matching, which brings together teachers seeking help and volunteer teacher trainees and acts as an intelligent interface between school and university. Secondly, a virtual teaching and learning room, which serves both for co-constructive cooperation between teachers and students and for learning support between students and pupils. This provides an innovative learning opportunity for digital school internships. Thirdly, the provision and use of the university online learning environment Stud.IP, which, with its diverse communication possibilities, promotes cooperation between students and encourages them to actively and collaboratively construct and link knowledge.

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