Conference Contributions

Conference Talks

Höhne, E., Albrecht, E., & Zander, L. (2022, September). "Say it out loud!" (When) do immigrant and non-immigrant students experience an effort-based teacher encouragement after stereotyping as motivating? 52nd Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPs), Hildesheim, Germany.

Albrecht, E., Höhne, E., & Zander, L. (2022, March). "Yes, you can!" Evaluation of a video-based teacher encouragement after stereotyping and development of a scale to assess encouragement and heterogeneity sensitivity. 9th Congress of the Society for Empirical Educational Research (GEBF), Bamberg, Germany.

Albrecht, E., Höhne, E., & Zander, L. (2021, September). „You think I can’t” or „Yes, you can“? – Die Wirkung von Stereotypenbedrohung und Ermutigung [You think I can’t” or „Yes, you can“? – The effect of stereotype threat and encouragement]. Presentation at the 18th Professional Group Conference Pedagogical Psychology (PaePsy) of the German Society for Psychology (DGPs), Heidelberg, Germany.

Höhne, E., Albrecht, E., & Zander, L. (2021, August). Your threat’s not mine, your encouragement is! Effects of stereotype threat and teacher encouragement on outgroup growth mindsets. 3rd Cultural Diversity, Migration, and Education Conference (CDME), Potsdam, Germany.


Höhne, E., Albrecht, E., & Zander, L. (2023, July). Teacher encouragement as a means to mitigate stereotype threat effects among Turkish immigrant students? 19th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP), Krakow, Poland.

Albrecht, E. (2022, March). "Ich bin zum Beispiel nicht mehr 19" - Zum Distinktionscharakter der Schüler*inrolle im Erwachsenenalter. Posterpräsentation im Rahmen des 28. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE), Bremen, Deutschland.