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Presentation: “How do Children from South Korea, China, Turkey, and Germany Imagine Their Social Future?”

  • The 14th Annual Conference of the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education: An International Conference for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Dialogue / At: online (Japan)
  • June 5 to June 6, 2020
  • Prof. Dr. Boris Zizek, Yao Pei, Berivan Bektas

This study examines the complexity of future perceptions of 8-9-year-old children in four cultural contexts: Turkey, South-Korea, China and Germany. The heuristics of this study shows that children not only cooperate at a very early age, but also want to participate and contribute significantly to solving and coping with real tasks in community life. They are „probation seekers" (Zizek 2018) and this is also driving their development. The forms of probation that the individuals experience as valuable depend on the biographical experience (Zizek 2015), which in turn is rooted in a collective history of experience. We conduct interviews with 8-9-year-old children from various socio-economic backgrounds, family structures, and levels of religiousness. The collected data are analyzed according to objective-hermeneutical sequence-analysis (Oevermann, 2004; Garz, 2010; Wernet, 2014; Zizek, 2017). This method focuses on persons' inter- subjectivity. Its main purpose is to discover a person’s intentions and latent meaning of an action. In a cultural comparative framework, we examine how collective experience in history and social milieus affect the development of social motivations for children in these countries.

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Vortrag: Digitale Sozialisation? Zizek (Hannover)

AERA Symposium 2020: Digital Socialization – Growing up in a Novel Social Space

This symposium explores how the relationship with our social counterparts and ourselves changes when we digitally connect with each other in a new way (King 2016, White, Weinstein & Selman 2016). Here are a variety of aspects that come under consideration. Turkle has repeatedly pointed to the loss of resonance associated with digital communication (2015). While Lanier has emphasized the importance of autonomous contemplation (2010). Gardner and Davis have pointed out that the growing number of assistive apps limits experience and autonomy development by allowing users to be passively guided by them (2014). This interdisciplinary and multimethodological symposium reflects in empirical and theoretical approaches the social dimensions of the changes that the digital age generates in the process of growing up.

  • Zeit: 17.-21. Apr 2020.
  • Veranstaltungsort: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, California USA

Workshop: „Grundbegriffe der Erziehungswissenschaft“

“Ideas of Bildung and Selftranformation 
(Prof. Dr. Roland Reichenbach, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

“Socialisation, social learning and autonomy development of the individual” 
(Prof. Dr. Ulrich Bauer, University of Bielefeld, Germany) 

“Developmental and Cultural Psychology integration” 
(Prof. Dr. Robert Selman, Harvard University, USA) 

“Helmuth Plessners' Anthropology of Crisis” 
(Prof. Dr. Boris Zizek, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany)


  • Zeit: 04. Dezember 2019, 8:30 – 17:15 Uhr 
  • Veranstaltungsort: Raum 333, Gebäude 1211, Schloßwender Straße 1 
  • Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Boris Zizek 
  • Registrierung: hendrik-zoltan.andermann@iew.uni-hannover.de (aufgrund der Raumgröße muss die Anzahl der Teilnehmenden leider begrenzt werden)

Conference: Digital Youth - Growing up in a novel social space

The Internet and social media have developed into a social space, which, in particular through the possibilities of smartphones, has indefinitely permeated the everyday life of adolescents in terms of time and place.

The conference explored how the relationship with our social counterparts and ourselves changes when we digitally connect with the world and with each other in a new way. It brings together essential empirical and theoretical contributions that identify and critically reflect on the social and lifeworld dimensions of the changes that the digital age brings to the act of growing up.

  • Internationale Tagung vom 12. bis 14. Juni 2019 im Leibniz-Haus Hannover.
  • Beitragende: Prof. Dr. Robert L. Selman (Harvard University), u.a. … 

Radio report (Deutschlandfunkt DLF) on the conference "Digital Youth: Growing up in a Novel Social Space"

Press Release (Neue Presse) about the conference "Digital Youth: Growing up in a Novel Social Space"


  • 02/2018   Workshop Migration als Zukunftsaufgabe für Heranwachsende - Wie gehen Adoleszente mit einer sich verändernden Welt um? am 27. und 28. Februar an der Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • 12/2017   Workshop Zwischen Gangnam-Style und latenter Kriegsbedrohnung? - Erwachsenwerden in Süd-Korea am 1. und 2. Dezember 2017 an der Leibniz Universität Hannover